Spacecraft Software Lead Engineer

Spacecraft Software Lead Engineer

LOCATION - tokyo, japan

This position will lead the software development efforts for ispace’s lunar lander development. ispace is a leading micro-robotics Japanese company with a subsidiary in the United States and another planned in Europe. ispace’s Hakuto rover won the Google XPRIZE mobility milestone award and is a leading contender for the $20M Grand Prize.  ispace’s lunar lander is its next step towards prospecting for, mining and utilizing lunar resources to expand human presence in space.

The ideal candidate will have broad knowledge in flight and ground software/firmware development and spacecraft avionics systems engineering and design. The effort includes all phases of design and development, from defining system architecture, to supporting small scale manufacturing and hardware integration and test.


  • Participate in product definition, specification and requirements phases
  • Collaboration on avionics system architecture and development strategy
  • Design, code, integrate, test, support and enhance software solutions for spacecraft systems including attitude control, command, communication, power and data management and fault protection
  • Integrate hardware to embedded systems
  • Develop and enforce coding standards that allow automated reliability testing
  • Perform integration, troubleshooting and testing including single event and total dose radiation testing support


  • Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (EE), or equivalent
  • Five or more years’ experience designing and coding real time and embedded software systems for a high-reliability/safety-critical application
  • Proficient in high-level structured programming languages, e.g. C, C++
  • Experience across a range of real time embedded platforms
  • Experience with sensors such as temperature, pressure, rate gyro, sun and/or star sensors
  • Experience with communication and networking protocols, e.g. I2C, SPI, RS-422/485, CAN
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills


  • Experience integrating imaging sensors including Linux device tree configuration and driver development
  • Experience in distributed computing and inter-process communication
  • Small spacecraft and/or lander development, launch vehicle integration and test support
  • Agile software development experience