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Engineering Manager of ispace Europe

LOCATION - luxembourg


This position will lead and manage ispace Europe’s engineering effort. ispace Europe is our newest subsidiary and will serve as our hub for business and research development for future missions. The main tasks and duties of the Lead Engineer will evolve over time as more employees are hired and the office grows. However, from the onset the Engineering Manager will be expected to conduct management, engineering, procurement, and research and development activities.

His or her main task will be to initialize our first ISRU rover project in Europe. This rover will build upon the HAKUTO rover, which won the Google Lunar XPRIZE Mobility Milestone Prize and is a leading contender for the $20M Grand Prize.  ispace’s ISRU rover is its next step towards prospecting, mining and utilizing lunar resources to expand a human presence in space.

The ideal candidate will have experience in systems engineering, integrated design and management. The effort includes all phases of management and design of structures and mechanisms, from hiring to helping the team define system architecture, to design, analyze, and support small scale manufacturing and testing.


  • Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • 5 years experience in above fields
  • Working knowledge of systems engineering process and tools
  • Structural Design experience and proficiency in CAD software to communicate designs with HQ (Japan) and Partners/Suppliers
  • Experience supporting manufacturing processes
  • 3-5 years management experience
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Broad experience in multiple engineering disciplines


  • MBA or Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering or a related field
  • Design and simulation using composite materials
  • Specific finite element analysis experience in transient, non-linear problems
  • Solidworks, FEMAP and NASTRAN experience
  • Previous experience with robotic or rover projects