Spacecraft Software Lead Engineer

Spacecraft Systems Engineering and Integration Lead Engineer

LOCATION - tokyo, japan

This position will lead the systems engineering and integration efforts for ispace’s lunar lander development. ispace is a leading micro-robotics Japanese company with a subsidiary in the United States and another planned in Europe. ispace’s Hakuto rover won the Google XPRIZE mobility milestone award and is a leading contender for the $20M Grand Prize. ispace’s lunar lander is its next step towards prospecting for, mining and utilizing lunar resources to expand human presence in space.

The ideal candidate will have a broad knowledge base in all aspects of spacecraft design, analysis, development, integration, verification and mission operations, with specific systems engineering and integration experience, preferably on a lander program. The effort includes all phases of design, from helping the team define high level requirements and system architecture, to requirements flow down, component selection, detailed design, prototyping, verification, testing, and launch vehicle integration efforts.


  • Participate in product definition and lead requirements management, specification development and interface control efforts
  • Collaborate on system architecture definition, trade studies and component selection including make or buy decisions
  • Lead spacecraft systems integration and launch vehicle integration efforts
  • Document requirements and specification
  • Support reliability analysis and lead design for reliability efforts
  • Support program management efforts including program planning, control and risk management


  • Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering, or equivalent
  • Five or more years’ experience in systems engineering and integration for high-reliability applications
  • Good working knowledge of spacecraft systems design, analysis and integration
  • Experience with requirements management and verification tools and procedures
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills



  • Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering or a related field
  • Ten or more years’ spacecraft systems engineering and integration experience
  • Strong knowledge base in one or more engineering disciplines such as systems analysis, avionics or propulsion
  • Experience in multi-disciplinary design optimization and reliability analysis
  • Small spacecraft and/or lander development, launch vehicle integration and test support
  • Experience with both airborne and ground segments