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Software Engineer

LOCATION - tokyo, japan

This job is to software next-generation of spacecraft and planetary rovers for ispace, inc. The ideal candidate will have a broad knowledge base including an understanding of hardware and robotics and design of communication networks. The job includes all phases in design, from defining system architecture, to implementation of software, to operation of the rover during simulated and real missions. Prior experience with high reliability designs (for example in aerospace, medical or automotive industries) is a must. In this position, the first project required is implementation of software for a real lunar rover mission for example for communication, and supporting integration of that software to both the rover side and ground station side.


- Participate in product definition, specification and requirements phases

- Design, code, integrate, test, support and enhance software to control robotics

- Support integration of software running on the rover to the ground station (GUI)

- Develop and enforce coding standards that allow for automated and/or external auditing of software code

- Develop and support specifications for data transfer between spacecraft and rovers to and from the ground station


- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent

- 5+ years of experience designing and coding

- Proficient in high-level structured programming languages (e.g. C, C++)

- Experience with communication and networking protocols (I2C, SPI, RS-485, CAN, etc)

- Proficient in Linux, especially for embedded hardware platforms


- Space or automotive industry experience

- experience with external code auditing

- microcontroller programming experience

- software implementation for camera and sensor systems