ispace is proud to manage the technological and business development operations of Team HAKUTO, a Google Lunar XPRIZE Competition participant. Team HAKUTO is comprised of ispace, Tohoku University researchers and students, as well as pro bono members. The HAKUTO misison, named “au×HAKUTO MOON CHALLENGE”, is supported by Japanese corporations KDDI, IHI, Zoff, Japan Airlines, Recruit Technologies and Cemedine. The mission aims to demonstrate the incredible potential of micro-robot technology in lunar exploration by landing on the Moon’s surface and being the first to place a robot on the Moon’s surface, travel at least 500 meters, and transmit high definition video and images back to Earth — and all of this must be accomplished by March 31st, 2018. In early 2015 we won the $500,000 Milestone Prize in mobility, which was awarded to only three teams. We are one of the sixteen teams remaining in the running for a $20 million prize... In 2018, keep your eyes to the sky!