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Marketing and Communications Assistant

LOCATION - tokyo, japan

ispace is a leading micro-robotics Japanese company with a subsidiary in the United States and another planned in Europe. ispace’s Hakuto rover won the Google XPRIZE mobility milestone award and is a leading contender for the $20M Grand Prize. ispace’s lunar lander is its next step towards prospecting for, mining and utilizing lunar resources to expand human presence in space.

ispace is looking for a Marketing Communications Specialist to oversee and manage our corporate communication to increase awareness and create new space resource market. The space resources industry has never been a familiar field, but it will play a very important role as humanity seeks to expand the ecosystem into outer space. To achieve this, it is necessary to encourage not only the existing players but also outside industries to collaborate and jointly develop the space economy.

Marketing Communications Assistant should be an excellent communicator with strong attention to detail. You would be a great fit if you also have practical and administrative experiences in marketing/communications. Ultimately, your goal is to support the management of the Marketing/Communications aspect of ispace’s message across all channels and media.



  • Help to promote our company and services on global media
  • Provide practical and administrative support to manage interviews and press conferences
  • Support the monitoring of global media exposure, the corporate website and social media accounts
  • Update database of media exposure lists and media lists
  • Facilitate and provide support for effective internal communications
  • Maintain calendars and appointments for interviews and meetings with media
  • Prepare presentations and reports to the Marketing/Communications Specialist
  • Assist the production of campaigns and events in collaboration with Partner companies.
  • Assist the production and management of events (by ispace, partner companies and third-parties)
  • Actively seek for and cultivate unprecedented collaboration opportunities with outside industries


  • Proven work experience as a Marketing Communications Assistant or a similar role
  • Understanding of media relations and digital media strategies
  • Proficiency in MS Office, familiarity with design softwares (e.g. Adobe illustrator and Photoshop)
  • Solid editing and researching skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • At least business level of both English and Japanese
  • Expertise on space is not necessary. Professional experience in Marketing/Communication is more important.



  • Understanding of the marketing perspectives of startups
  • Passionate about thriving in an uncharted territory