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Engineering Interns

LOCATION - Luxembourg

ispace Europe is seeking highly motivated and talented interns to join its team and develop tomorrow’s lunar exploration technologies.

ispace is a Japanese company whose vision is to expand and sustain humanity’s presence in space by utilizing resources available on the Moon. The SORATO rover developed by Team HAKUTO, managed by ispace, won the Google Lunar XPRIZE mobility milestone award and is a finalist for the $20M Grand Prize.

ispace Europe is the company’s newest regional office located in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe. With support from the Government of Luxembourg, we are designing ispace’s next rover missions that will prospect for lunar water and thereby set the first milestone toward lunar ISRU. We are a small team, motivated by the challenges of the Lunar Frontier, and determined to achieve the company’s vision. 



At ispace Europe, you will be fully integrated in the team and have a direct impact on the company’s performance. We expect you to learn quickly, contribute your own ideas and solutions, and collaborate effectively. We also are looking forward to learning from you about emerging techniques and software that we should adopt to enhance our work.

We are seeking engineering interns for the following fields & challenges:

  • Aerospace Engineering – Be able to support all aspects of space missions
  • Chemical Engineering -  Define innovative ISRU solutions
  • Computer Science - Apply emerging autonomy, computer vision, and AI techniques to rover surface operations
  • Electrical Engineering - Design COTS avionics architecture for space with efficient interfaces to third-party instruments
  • Instrumentation Engineering - Miniaturize space instruments & equipment to enable lunar ISRU
  • Mechanical Engineering – Design lunar soil penetrators and sample handling mechanisms
  • Mining Engineering - Apply knowledge and methods from mining industry to the moon
  • Thermal engineering – Optimize the rover thermal design to survive 14-day lunar night


  • Enrolled in MS or PhD program in relevant discipline

  • Possess hands-on experience in the core technologies of your discipline, with one or more published papers in your field of study

  • Has gone through the iterative process of problem identification, approach definition, analysis and/or test, data reduction and interpretation, and communication of results
  • Demonstrate excellent communication and organization
  • Thrive in multi-disciplinary environment in close cooperation with engineering and business teams
  • Show initiative, leadership, and positive can-do attitude
  • Be comfortable with change and fast-pace environment.

Preferred experience

  • Experience with system-level test, debug, integration, and assembly e.g. through CubeSat program
  • FEA experience and proficiency in using CAD software
  • Proficiency in using thermal simulation software e.g. Thermal Desktop
  • Understanding of and demonstrated experience with Lean and Agile Manufacturing
  • Proficiency in MBSE tools e.g. Cameo/Magic Draw

ispace Europe internship programs are available year-round and paid if for durations of 6 months or more (longer internships preferred). Applications require the submissions of a resume, cover letter, and one letter of recommendation. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.