CEO of ispace U.S.

LOCATION - California, usa

ispace U.S is a subsidiary of ispace inc. located in Mountain View, California. ispace inc. is a private lunar exploration company that develops micro-robotic systems to provide transportation service to and on the Moon, with a long-term focus on lunar resource development. We are a small, agile, and highly determined team willing to go the extra distance in paving a way towards a new frontier in space.  Working at ispace U.S will require an ability to lead the team to build a strong brand in the U.S market and to work in an international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary environment. 

ispace U.S is looking for a highly motivated and talented person who can build the foundation of our business in the U.S. This includes building relationship with the space agency and the U.S. government, understanding the U.S market and implementing effective plans to raise our presence within the market. The position is also responsible for developing new business possibilities, identifying and support of revenue generating opportunities, and building bridges between customers, engineers and managers at ispace. This position will evolve as the company grows. The successful candidate will be capable of taking initiative and solving problems in a fast-paced environment. Candidates should possess a proven record of effectively communicating and managing relationships to deliver results.



  • Management of the rapidly growing U.S Office operation (budgeting, resourcing, etc)
  • Building relationship with U.S. Government, governmental space agency.
  • Manage customer relationships with existing and new industry. Develop and maintain customer relationship for the future growth of the company.
  • Understand customer needs both from business and engineering perspectives and analyze potential and existing markets.
  • Identify and evaluate potential business opportunities and strategic partnerships within the lunar transportation and mining business.
  • Raise revenue by implementing effective sales/ marketing plan. This will include raising the presence of the ispace brand.
  • Work with the ispace cross-functional teams to gather information on technical feasibility of projects, get agreement from the stakeholders, and move opportunities from negotiation to execution. 


  • Masters Degree or Equivalent
  • 10-15+ Years Industry Experience
  • Management experience of at least 20 members
  • Strong connection with U.S government/ governmental space agency
  • Strong leadership skills. High management skills and abundant management experience(Excellent project, time, and budget management skills)
  • General understanding of the engineering aspect. Able to understand the customer needs from an engineering perspective.
  • A mixture of high energy, flexibility and team orientation with a direct, honest, and respectful approach to problem solving, and an ability to work both collaboratively and independently in a high-growth, start-up culture.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills
  • Comfortable with change and fast-pace environment