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Business Development Engineer


The position of a business development engineer is a key bridge between the business development and engineering departments at ispace. 


- Analyze potential and existing markets in order to identify business opportunities

- Carry out market research in order to develop strategies and roadmaps for sales of ispace products and to secure more business relations

- Develop and maintain customer relationship for the future growth of the company

- Meet the engineering needs of ispace customers and continuously carry projects forward to completion

- Provide support to marketing team, in the area of developing strategies for company’s product promotions

- Prepare presentations, proposals, and various sales tools on effective development of business opportunities for the company

- Assist the relevant management in resourcing, budgeting, and problem solving activities of the company

- meet with customers and partners

- interface between customers / partners and engineering team at ispace

- Occasionally perform engineering tasks


- 5+ years previous experience in similar position

- Working knowledge of CAD systems and ability to create drawings for customers from existing CAD models

- Ability to develop and make presentations for existing and prospective customers, in a professional manner

- Must have good sales and marketing skills

- Must possess excellent management, as well as organizational skills

- Possess the ability to cope with stress and effectively prioritize tasks

- Must possess effective communication and writing skills

- Must have the ability to recognize opportunities and manage budgets effectively


- Space industry experience

- Solidworks experience