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Aerospace T&P and GNC Engineer


This job is to perform the Trajectory and Performance (T&P) and Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) analyses for the next-generation of spacecraft for ispace, inc. The ideal candidate will have experience in T&P and GNC analyses, and propulsion and GNC system design and analysis for spacecraft applications. The job includes all phases in design, from helping a team to define mission and system architecture, to trajectory design, systems analysis, and supporting the design effort. Prior experience with trajectory design and GNC analyses for space systems is required. The ideal candidate has demonstrated experience in trajectory design for outer space missions, GNC of spacecraft, descent and landing sequence and control, and working knowledge of avionics, propulsion and attitude control systems.


- Participate in product definition, specification and requirements phases

- Collaborate on mission and spacecraft architecture design, trade studies and component selection

- Mission simulation, trajectory design and optimization

- Nominal and dispersed GNC analysis and flight software design support

- Support system design engineers with trajectory, mass properties and GNC analyses

- Develop/maintain software for trajectory design/optimization and GNC analysis tools


- Bachelor's degree in Aerospace or Electrical Engineering or equivalent

- 3+ years of experience in trajectory design for space launch systems

- 3+ years of experience performing 6DOF simulations and GNC analysis

- Experience supporting mission analysis and space vehicle design


- Master's degree or higher in Aerospace Engineering or a related field

- Trajectory design and GNC experience for lunar/planetary missions

- Experience with both impulsive delta-V and low thrust trajectory optimization

- Design and simulation of landing sequence, guidance and accuracy determination

- Experience with the Aerospace Toolkit, ASTOS, STK or similar software

- Small spacecraft development and launch vehicle integration

- Integrated hardware/software preflight simulation and flight support